About our juju hats:

Our juju hats are handmade by a group of extremely talented artisans from Cameroon and are 100% authentic. Please note that colors can vary with your screen. We try to have our juju hats represented as accurately as possible and take our photos in direct sunlight.

Feathers may be different shades and may also be in different lengths. Juju hats are one of a kind and handmade, so any imperfections are a part of their beauty.

Are you looking for a certain color that we don’t have? We can custom order one for you. Please note that it can take anywhere between 1-3 weeks, since our hats come directly from Cameroon. Please fill out the custom order form here to request a custom order.

What's the history behind juju hats?

Juju hats, also known as a "Bamileke" hat, is an African headdress crafted by the Bamileke tribe in Cameroon. These hats were made for tribal chiefs and royal families to be worn during tribal ceremonies, weddings, dances and other festivities. These hats were so special that when an owner died, they were passed on to the next of kin and used for many generations. It is thought that you gained the knowledge and wealth of the previous owner. Each hat is unique and generally takes an average of 1-2 people 2-3 days to complete. Juju hats have gained popularity in the recent years and have been used as decoration and featured in countless magazines. They look great on any wall and add a bohemian African vibe.

Why do we sell juju hats?

Every juju hat is super unique and so special. Juju hats are historically expensive and hard to get, so we wanted to be able sell hats at a reasonable price, so that everyone can enjoy these beauties in their homes.

Why are juju hats at different price points?

We base our prices on the amount of time it takes to make the hat (2-3 days), the size, the amount of feathers used, as well as the color, as certain colors require more time. We pride ourself in offering fair prices. If you have any questions regarding our prices, please contact us at info@thebloomingloom.com.

Care for huju hats:

Depending on what part of the world you live in, moths may be attracted to to feathers. We highly recommend that you spray your juju hat every 3 months with an anti-moth spray. You may also use a cedar block or bag of dried lavender in the back of the hat to repel any moths. We recommend to not hang colored juju hats in direct sunlight as the sun may eventually lighten the dyed feathers, however you might desire that look.

Unwrapping & opening a juju hat: (VERY IMPORTANT)

Do not ever remove or cut any strings! We have made the string used to unwrap the juju had BLUE. The RED string should only ever be untied if you wanted to tighten or loosen the hat. The RED string is what holds the raffia sticks and it essentially holds the juju hat together, so please use at your own risk.
STEP 1: Unwrap. Please unwrap the BLUE string.          
STEP 2: Push. Push out the raffia support to open the feathers, you may need to use a little force. I suggest to use both thumbs. The raffia support will push forward and the feathers will bloom out. For the larger 30 inch hats you may need a helping hand. 
STEP 3: Arrange. You can arrange the raffia sticks closer together or farther apart so that the feather placement is what you desire. You can also tighten or loosen the hat; you can do this by retying the red string looser or tighter. Do this with caution - as the red string is what holds the hat together.
STEP 4: Hang. Use the twine loop to secure & hang on your wall. Tuck any exposed strings behind the feathers.
We know you are going to love your hat.
Questions? Please email us at care@thebloomingloom.com and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.    
- The Blooming Loom