Blue Pom Pom Market Basket
Blue Pom Pom Market Basket Blue Pom Pom Market Basket

Amazing cool round market basket! These are perfect for the farmers market or for traveling. They're also great as grocery bags, beach bags, shopping bags or as picnic baskets. Long leather strap makes it easy to carry over your shoulder.

These baskets are handmade by local artisans in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Basket Material: Palm leaves with leather handle

Straps: 100% Real Leather, 11 inches in length

Dimensions: Appx 16 inches in diameter x 5 inches in opening. Appx 23 inches from top of strap to bottom

Please note: Handmade items are not factory made and will have minor variations and/or imperfections, which is part of their charm. New baskets take awhile to loosen up. 

Tip: If your basket loses shape, you can always place above kettle steam to softly reshape.

All measurements are approximate.